Forget the coffee Kaz just wants to play

Theres a knock on the door so Justin goes to answer it and is greeted by the hottest birmingham chav ever, Horny chav slut Kaz B is standing in the doorway wearing a denim mini skirt and her favourite black pvc boots, Justin and Kaz go into the kitchen as Justin makes them both a coffee and when he turns around to talk to Kaz shes on the kitchen side with her hands down her pants, she tells Justin that she loves wanking more than fucking her boyfriend who she thinks is gay, Carry on says Justin and as he sips on his coffee he watches Kaz get nasty with her bald chav snatch. She spots a neighbour looking at her blows him a kiss and carries on giving Justin his very own porn show.

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Isabel dean working her chav snatch into a frenzy

A naked and very horny Miss Isabel Dean is at it once again at wannebe porn makers Willy and Justin, this hot curvy chav slut even has her plug in sex toy once again, This must be her favourite toy as she seems to use it so much. Isabel is so horny and wastes no time getting naked and burying that toy deep inside her bald pussy. What with all the clit tickling and rampant toy fucking Isabel is working herself up into a frenzy and those sweet pussy juices are soon flowing and leaving a little mess on the bed.

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Our favourite Welsh chav’s at it again

More dirty delightful fun with our favourite Welsh chav, yes Shay is back and doing what she does best fucking that tight Welsh snatch of hers with her favourite toys. A track suit clad Shay settled herself into Willys living room as they had a chat and a flirt, They all knew what was coming next and Shay started peeling of her top and blue tracksuit bottoms to reveal a set of matching pretty lingerie, that never stopped of for long either and soon those long slim legs were spread and a toy buried deep inside Shays tight snatch. This is one awesome chav slut ou do not want to miss.

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Kaz B comes back to fuck herself just for Justin

A bored and horny Kaz B is feeling a little neglected lately by her boyfriend so she decides to meet with Justin once again, she tells him just how bored and horny she is feeling and Justin decides she needs to relive herself and they head to the bedroom, so with the camcorder switched on and a horny Kaz B in place the fun really begins, Kaz keeps on her skirt and black boots and decides to sit on the window sill to give Justin a better look of her pussy as she is fucking it. Justin loves how filthy and rampant Kaz is and tells her to fuck herself even harder with Kaz agreeing she is soon fucking so hard and sreaming the building down, Wonder what the neighbours will say about all this noise.

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Horny chav Shay comes back for more

Sexy Welsh stunner Shay loved her shoot so much she has decided to come back for more and Willy was more than happy to welcome her back into flat 69. Shay needed no introduction and took herself straight into the bedroom where she began to tease Willy with a kinky strip tease peeling of her layers of clothes until she was butt naked apart from her beige boots, Willy was so fucking turned on with Shays kinky striptease he couldnt wait to see some more, It was like Shay could read his mind and she was soon fucking that tight Welsh pussy of hers, the faster she fucked the harder Willy wanked and both were cumming together.

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Loving the stocking & trainers look!

Like the first solo movie of Isabel Dean at Chavley Court? then why not check out another exclusive featuing this sexy busty chav in stockings and trainers working her shaven twat with a plug in sex toy which to me looked like a kitchen appliance lol. Curvy chav Isabel settled herself into Willys arm chair and wasted no time going to town on her chav pussy, with the toy buzzing and raring to go Isabel slid it into her tight pussy and moaned and groaned as she fucked herself, Isabel got carried away and screamed the flat down the harder and faster she began to fuck herself.

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Flashing fun with Holly Kiss down the canal

More horny fun with Holly and this time the cheeky chav has taken the guys down the local canal in Wolverhampton for a spot of flashing, the shoot was going really well and one passerby couldnt resist gawping at sexy Holly and asks if he can cop a feel of her tits, she let him have a feel and a suck then invited him to stay and for him have to his very own peek show as she sat on the grass took of her panties and plays with her shaven pussy. Holly really fucked her pussy and soon there was cum all over her fingers and pussy.

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Isabel Dean flicking her bean

Cheeky chav Isabel dean was one hot chav Willy and Justin loved to film and of course have a good old wank over, Isabel was picked up from a bus stop near the chavley court flats and took back to the flat, Isabel didnt need no convincing and was soon gagging to get nasty for the camera. She spotted the toy under the pillow and said wanna see what i can do with that? before the guys answered Isabel was getting naked on the bed and then flicking her chav bean, once satified with her wet pussy chav Isabel gave herself a right fucking with the toy Willy and Justin had left under the pillow for her.

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Blonde chavs like Kaz B have more fun

Blonde chavs certainly have more fun and Kinky Birmingham chav Kaz B proves just how much. Kaz hasnt lived in the block of flats for long but has heard from all the other girls about what goes on in flat 69 and wanted a peice of the action for herself, she meets Willy and Justin who lead her into the bedroom, she spotted the dryer and decided to get frisky on there, she stripped off and began to tickle her pussy before fucking herself into an amazing climax, leaving Kaz sitting in a pool of her own pussy juices.

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Chav Holly Kiss riding a plastic cock

Another day and another filthy fuckin chav getting nasty at the flat, This time Holly Kiss has come around to make her home made chav porn movie. She certainly lived up to the chav tag in her grey tracksuit bottoms, tight top and red fluffy boots! Anyway she wasnt here to model the latest chav get up, hell no she was here to fuck and put on a great show. As soon as Holly entered the bedroom her kit come off and she was playing with her perky tits, then comes down the panties and she has a cheeky rub of the muff moaning mmm this is nice, want to see what i do next? The guys didnt have to wait long to find out and soon Holly Kiss was riding her plastic cock like it was the real thing.

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